About Beautiful Lifestyle Photography

About Beautiful Lifestyle Photography

How to have the most ROMANTIC Wedding day of your DREAMS.

My name is Rob Dalton and I LOVE weddings. I’ve been photographing them for over 30 years – I really love the emotion and romance of the wedding day. I am a passionate photographer who takes great pride in his work to ensure that I capture the perfect memories.

Am I the photographer for you?

If you are looking to have an ‘average’ wedding – one that is stressful, not well organised, where you are so tired that you hardly smile, where many things just go wrong…then I am not for you. But if you are a bride that wants everything to be perfect on the most romantic, beautiful and emotional day of your life; if you want to remember with happy tears in your eyes all the love and emotion you felt on the day…then I am the man for you.

How to guarantee that your wedding day lives up to your dreams.

Believe it or not the photographer you select to photograph your wedding can make or break your day, Yes I kid you not, your wedding day – not just photographs. WHY, because they are there with you interacting with your family and guests.

Meet the photographer in person before you hire anyone to photograph your wedding. Most brides don’t realise that some companies hire part time photographers to photograph your wedding for them. Make sure that you know who is photographing your wedding.

How to be assured that you will be the most beautiful bride your friends and family have ever seen.

Beauty is the way you feel on your wedding day. The way the emotions show on your face, the way you glow when you walk down the aisle and look into the eyes of the love of your life.

When you book my services to photograph your wedding you are really paying for me to be there and support you through the day to ensure that day goes perfectly.

Here’s what to do right now.

If you agree with everything that I have said then call the below number. I only do 15-20 weddings per year so please check with me that I am available.

Speak very soon

Rob Dalton – Beautiful Lifestyle Photography